About Us


At the Vinya Loft yoga studio we dedicate ourselves with passion, humour and a flowing lightness to the depth of yoga practise. We want to create space in which you can take your time and leave the daily grind behind you.

Our studio, founded in 2008, is open for everyone who is looking for a way to keep the body fit as well as to keep the mental balance.
No matter whether you will get in touch with yoga for the first time or whether you want to enrich your long-time practise with new insights, whether you are an expectant or young mother – enjoy our large, bright studio!

We create a rich course program with many specials around yoga; most of our classes are taught in the dynamic Vinyasa yoga style. The focus of Vinyasa classes is the fluent sequences of postures, in which special attention is laid on the synchronisation of movement and breathing. With this, an intensive exercise comes to existence, which builds up muscles and resilience and which supports inner balance and flexibility. After the workout you feel relaxed and energised at the same time.
Practising yoga regularly requites you with a light and strong body and with a flexible clear mind.

If you want to get to know more about our offers and the different yoga styles, have a look here.
A yoga mat and everything else you may need, will be provided by us.

Just come along – A previous notice is not necessary!

We will meet on the mat!