Back formation – for young mums

Rübi2The back formation class puts the healing and strengthening of your pelvic floor in the focus while the practising takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Because of hormonal influences during pregnancy, the increase of body weight and, most important, because of the birth act itself, the pelvic floor is still heavily loaded and stretched.

Also, the weakened belly and back muscles need stabilisation, shoulders and the neck are loaded because of breast feeding and carrying the baby often. Exercises in order to relieve tensions in the breast and shoulders as well as arm exercises, which, at the same time, strengthen the nervous system and the aura, will help you to stay in „the power of your heart“.

You can take your baby with you. If needed you can, of course, always breast feed or comfort your baby.
If possible, please avoid coming with a pram since we do not have enough space for this.


Class hours

Monday 10.30 – 11.45 a.m. – by Birgit
Friday 10 – 11.15 a.m. – by Friederike

It is an open and continuous class, so you can come and join in at any time.


A service fee of 30, – € is charged for billing via the health insurance. Private insurers receive an invoice.(Bring your insurance card with you to the first lesson)
For self-pay participants: 120,- € (disc. 110,- €)

(The 8-class-pass is valid for three months and useable for the back formation class only)