Childbirth seminar


GeburtsvorbereitungPregnant – the birth date of your child is coming closer…and now? What does it mean? What is coming up to you? How can you prepare yourself best in order to feel comfortable with the situation?

In this seminar– lead by the mid-wife Diana Frömming – you finally have the occasion to deal intensively with yourself, your baby, your pregnancy and the upcoming birth, in a fully relaxed manner.

The Saturday is dedicated to the women only: You will learn about breathing, contractions and birth positions and while this, also have space for questions, exchange and fun.

On Sunday, you as a couple will have the occasion to join in to yourself and your child, and to get prepared for an exciting time during the birth and childbed. The partner learns how he can support you well during birth and childbed.
Apart from several information regarding the birth, we will do short massages and Yoga excercises. Also, there will be time for getting to know each other. 

It is advised to have attended this seminar until four weeks before birth.


Seminars 2018
27. / 28. April
15. / 16. Juni
17. / 18. August
05. / 06. Oktober
14. / 15. Dezember

The courses are given alternately by our midwives Friederike Kurzke, Mareike Wahl and Birgit Schneider

Each weekend 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (including breaks)

100 € 
(administration (30€) and partner fees (70€), partly refunded by your health insurance)

A fee for participation without a partner is not possible. If you are without a partner, you can bring a friend, mother or grandma. Because every woman should have a companion at birth. The course concept is designed for the accompanying person to know how to support the woman at birth.

You should bring comfortable clothes and warm socks, maybe a small snack. Mats, blankets, gymnastics balls as well as tea and water are available in the studio. Around lunch time, there will be a break to the free design in which you can eat in the surroundings.

The number of participants is limited – register your name now by writing to !