Information for starters

Arrive and snuffle



We are glad that you want to practise yoga at Vinya Loft. So, that you can easily feel comfortable at ours, we summarised some important information for you here:

From Monday to Sunday we offer a varied course program with over 30 Yoga classes. You don’t need to decide for a particular class. Our course system is flexible so that there is something for everyone. This means you can arrange your yoga classes each week new. Class hopping is even highly welcome at Vinya loft!

Have you become curious?
Just come along our nice studio and take a trial lesson (9,- €).

For all who are new, we also have the Yoga Welcome Flat as an offer: For 39,- € you can come and practise as often as you want within four weeks. This gives you the chance to get to know different variants of yoga as well as the different teachers. More details regarding our prices: here.

In order to give you, as a beginner, a well-grounded access to the yoga classes, we advice you to join the Level 1 classes first. Here you can get to know some first asanas and can try out yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and with pleasure.

Regularly, we offer 2,5h workshops for absolute beginners and curious people. The dates for our absolute beginner workshops you can find out here or, even easier:
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What next?
You just need to bring some comfortable sports clothes, everything else you will find in our studio: changing room, mat, blanket, strap and blocks. If you liked your trial lesson we would be happy to inform you, without obligation of course, about our pay scale.

Very important:
Please be there 15 minutes before the class starts, this gives us enough time to show you around and help you in case of any questions.

One more advice:
Please don’t eat anything heavy for 2 hours before the class starts so that you can experience the yoga feeling light-hearted.

For any further information regarding the yoga practise our Yoga FAQ may help you. Else you are welcome to talk to the staff at Vinya Loft who will be happy to help you!