Personal Yoga

Deine persönliche Ruhe-Pause im Alltag


Personal Yoga

Do you long for a Yogasession, which is only about you, you can practice concentrated and be guided by a well-trained teacher?

Then a 60 minute staff Yogastunde is the best for you! All personal yogastags are individually compiled, according to your interests, your level and your everyday life. Targeted support helps you to experience the yogapraxis even more intensively.

What should be addressed? Do you have neck problems or want to do something for your belly? You want relaxation and balance, agility and strength or an expanded body and breath awareness? You can determine what the focus is on!

With Personal Yoga, it is also possible to work with the teacher to develop a concrete and useful home practice that positively affects your quality of life.

We also offer one-to-one lessons for pregnant women!


Costs (60 minutes)
In our studio: 85 €
At your home *: 95 €

Costs (90 minutes)
In our studio: 125 €
At your home *: 140 €

Extra accessories (for private lessons at home): 10 €
Members receive 10% *
Price is within 5 km.

If you want to go further and still want a personal yoga class at your home, we will create an individual offer for you.

Contact us! If you are unable to meet your deadline, please cancel it no later than 24 hours before the agreed date, so you will not incur any costs.

Farina Behme