Power Yoga

MathiasWhy Stretch When We Can Reach?

This intensive form of Hatha yoga has the continuing movement as its most distinctive character. Exercises (asanas) are fluently inter-connected like choreography. An intensive exercise practise is created which does both, building up muscles and endurance as well as supporting balance and flexibility. As such, after the class, one feels relaxed and energised at the same time.

To balance the spirit, to get into an intensive connection with oneself as well as with others, to see conflicts and solve them, to find inner happiness, are the deeper, actual goals of yoga practise.

Along with this, meditation is a valuable gift, to free the mind from many worries. Meditation can take place during the movement as well as in calmness. The exercised movement sequences force us to reach the here and now and to focus our spirit on the actual movement. We let unnecessary thoughts and worries to pause and go over to the asana practise.

Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskar

The word Surya means sun and the word Namaskar means greeting or worshiping.
The sun salutation consists of a wonderful set of asanas, which massages, detoxicates and stimulates every organ of the human body. Moreover, it brings limberness to the spine. The sun salutation is well practicable as warming-up or stretching at the beginning of a yoga class or as an activating exercise in the morning (facing the rising sun).

Attitude of Gratitude
Surya NamaskarMore than this, Surya Namaskar can have a far different effect on you as well – possibly a more important one than all the benefits for your body. If you breathe and move consciously, the sun salutation will relax you and will give you a very special inner calmness.
To practise the sun salutation is like meditating: It helps you to free yourself from emotional tensions and to deal with stress, depression, anger and rancour. As such, it helps you to face each challenge with body and mental strength and with trust.

It is great to start the day with Surya Namaskar!


A lot of different asanas exist (more than 200), each with a particular, own form, which again is determined by distension, contra distension and resistance.
The asanas mainly aim to harmonise the structures of muscles and bones. Together with a conscious breathing they support the energy and blood cycle and balance the nervous system, which again controls almost all other systems in the body.
In other words, asanas are the key to the body and the body is the key to the spirit. And the spirit is the key to the soul.


fariaThe main goal of Hatha-yoga is to reach a balanced flow of energy through the energy centres of the body, which are called chakras.
Apart from the energy, which is already flowing in our bodies, there is another large reservoir of unused energy, which (according to the yoga tradition) is stored underneath the fourth vertebra. This latent existing energy is activated through special postures and breath exercises.

Here, you can get an impression of our class:
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But, enough of words! Get your clothes and try it yourself!