Prenatal Yoga – Yoga for pregnant women

Marianne 2The time of pregnancy is a time full of changes. Dedicate enough attention to yourself and your baby. The holistic class optimises the yoga postures, relaxes tensions, builds up strength and supports the flexibility needed to give birth.

Asana sequences and breath exercises, which are guided sensibly, will not only allay pain during this special period of time but also give the chance for the mum and the new young life to get in lovingly contact with each other and stay fit together.

Prenatal yoga is the ideal „company“ during your entire pregnancy time and is an ideal preparation to the childbirth.

We have summarized detailed information for our prenatal yoga class in the PDF file here.


Monday 5.15 – 6.30 p.m. – by Jennifer
Tuesday 9.30 – 10.45 a.m. – by Christina
Tuesday 6.45 –  8.00 p.m. by Doro
Thursday 6.30 – 7.45 p.m. – by Berti

Trial lesson: 10,- €
Single lesson: 17,- €

8-class-pass: 120- €/ disc. 110,- €
Only usable for prenatal yoga classes; this ticket is valid for 3 months)
Upgrade after ticket’s invalidation: 5,- €/stamp

If you are happen to give birth before you have finished the 8 times yoga, you can still use your ticket after the birth for all our regular classes as well as for the Mum & Me class without paying any upgrade fee.

Monthly subscription
No Limits 12 – 65,- € (disc. 55,- €)
No Limits 6 – 75,- € (disc. 65,- €)
(Valid for all classes; intermission from 1 month before birth up to 3 months after birth would be possible)

Further, we also offer Personal yoga for pregnant women!

ScreenYou prefer it calm or prefer sweating from time to time?
Here you can get a short insight into how our prenatal yoga class
is like: Farina trains the advanced in pregnancy woman Kim from the TV channel RTL.
Have a look at the Video!