Studio Rent

vinyaloft34We rent our yoga rooms in times no classes or workshops take place. So you can not just practise yoga but also use the studio rooms for other activities to refill your body with new energy in the hereafter of hectic and everyday life.

You have the choice between the Pink Room (110 square meters large) and the Oranje Holletje (60 square meters large). Each studio room has its own restroom.
Of course, it’s possible to rent both rooms at the same time, provided they are free.
You will find everything you need for practising: mats, blankets, meditation pillows, bolsters, belts and blocks.  Feel free to use our stereo for music and the small tea kitchen.
Please be aware that it’s not allowed to enter the rooms with shoes!
We practise barefoot or with socks, slippers can be provided.



Oranje Holletje (60 m²) 20 €
Pink Room (110 m²) 25 €

Day (more than 6 hrs.)
Oranje Holletje (60 m²) 120 €
Pink Room (110 m²) 150 €

Oranje Holletje (60 m²) 200 €
Pink Room (110 m²) 260 €


Contact person: Marianne Rothensee