Sweet Sixties – Yoga for seniors

SeniorYou are as young as you feel!

With a soft and diversified yoga practise you can improve your vitality and countervail the typical signs of the golden age. Heart and circular flow can be strengthened; different back and joint problems can be decreased and the ability for concentration can be improved. Step by step and by an experienced instruction you will develop a better body awareness.

Sweet Sixties is suitable for every age and for every body. The exercises will be adjusted to the individual needs, if needed props such as straps, bolsters or chairs will be used. In this class the focus is laid on the body workout and at the same time on breath exercises and meditation.

Come around for a trial lesson and have a look yourself!

Class hours

Thursday 10 – 11.30 a.m. by Sigrid
It is an open and continuous class so that you can join in at any time.

Trial lesson: 10,- €
Single lesson: 17,- €
8-class-pass: 98,- €
Upgrade after invalidation: 5,- €/stamp
(The 8-class-pass is valid for three months and useable in the Sweet Sixties class, only.)

Monthly subscription
No Limits 12 – 65,- € (disc. 55,- €)
No Limits 6 – 75,- € (disc. 65,- €)